• Hello! Welcome to my site!

    I'm Lin Mengxiang, born in Zhejiang, China.


    I'm attracted by AR & VR with the opinion that application of the development of AR & VR is bound to be closely linked with the reform in all aspects of the real world in the future.


    Waseda University

    Information, Production and Systems

    Masters Course 2020 - now

    Tutor: Professor. TANAKA Jiro

    Lab: Interactive Programing Laboratory (IPLAB)

    Zhejiang University Of Technology

    Bachelor Course 2015 - 2019

    Major: Software Engineering


    I have broad interests like many other youngers.

    Mystery Novel

    I like to read novels, such as mystery novel of Japan. As for these novels, I could substitute myself into the characters in the story to exercise my logical thinking ability. Of course I also like the television and movies adapted from them.

    Console Game

    I enjoy the immersive game experience of PlayStation, which often brings me a game world that jumps out of the real world but does not derail from logic. I also benefited from their mature mirrors and complicated design ideas that I can put this ideas into the future research and study.


    Email: lmxguaht@toki.waseda.jp